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Over fiftyfive years now I've been investigating my ancestors. Most of these investigations were done in the archives, but also I got help from others.

Everybody, who are carrying my last name at this moment have my interest. An inquiry in 1994, based on the Dutch telephone books, gave me the opportunity to get an idea of almost all the "de Fouw's" in The Netherlands and also I got information from the USA. I will say a special word of thanks to the American descendants for the information, they send me. It was very helpful.

Recent additional information to the data, I already had collected, allowed me to say, that everybody with the name 'de Fouw' are descendants of one man: Gillis Willemse de Fau.

The origin of the name certainly can be found in France. Of the right place we are not sure. For a long time it seemed to be certain, that the origin was Bretagne. In that part of France the original writing of the name should be: de Faou, the prefix 'de' should indicate having property. In that area are still names of places like le Faou, la Faouette, Chateauneuf de Faou and a river le Faou. In the locale language of Bretagne the meaning of the name Faou is 'beech tree'.

But some time ago I discovered in the south of France - Clermont-Ferrand - on the highway A75 a sign, on which was mentioned the name of a place, called 'Fau de Peyre'. Looking at the way the name of the first known person was written, it is possible, that is was the original form of how the name was written. Also there should be a castle in the south of France, that carries the name Le Fau. But local investigations and also in the library of the university of Paris by a family-member, did not give confirmation.

On the following pages you will find a short overview of the family. Also are mentioned families, related to myself.

I am aware of the possibility, that the data, shown on these pages are not complete and could be a mistake. So I will ask you to send me by e-mail or post any available additional information. Also it is possible, that you miss your name or your parents etc. I did limit the number of generations for reasons of privacy. If you want your name listed, you can mail me. In that case you also need the permission of your parents and grandparents for publishing there names as well, if they are still alive and not already mentioned in the lists.

I would greatly appreciate your help.

Aad de Fouw Fouw   Thanks for being over.
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